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Trial by Media: The Michael Jackson Story

"The dehumanization of an American icon."

This three-part documentary explores the complex relationship between pop culture, media, race, and the treatment of black artists in America. Using Michael Jackson's life as a case study, the film examines how societal and cultural factors shape public perception, the dehumanization of black figures, and the impact of the media on our values.The film also explores the evolution of pop culture, the forces that shape narratives, and the role of social media and rock critics in interpreting black artists. It challenges viewers to reflect on their own role in dehumanization and to reevaluate their understanding of the media's role in shaping society.Featuring exclusive interviews, the film provides a comprehensive view of Jackson's life and legacy, and how the treatment of those who defy norms can shape their public image. Michael Jackson becomes a litmus test for our own values.

A Three-Part Mini-Series Documentary

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